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Frequently Asked Questions

Tide One Wash Miracle is

  1. Dual liquid products; one liquid is odor eliminating agent and the other liquid is powerful liquid detergent
  2. Pre-measured dosage to ensure you get the right amount of active ingredients delivered to the wash

Odor eliminating agent is formulated for the first time for retail laundry products in the US. Since this is not compatible with detergent, we use an unique canister that has separator. You simply need to toss the bottle into the drum and wash your garments/ towels.

We recommend  using Tide One Wash Miracle whenever you have washable and stinky fabrics and regularly to ensure fabrics stay fresh.

Please use it as a replacement of your detergent and follow care label instructions for washing temperature.

Please follow usage instructions.

  1. Remove shrink label & cap  
  2. Toss canister into washer or pour all contents into washer drum  
  3. Add laundry  
  4. Please recycle the empty canister after the wash

If you want to avoid unpleasant odor from recurring, we recommend using Tide One Wash Miracle every time you wash, or frequently to avoid the bad odor molecule from getting trapped in the garment fibers.

Yes, One Wash Miracle works great in cold water as well. However, for extra miraculous results, we suggest using in hot water as long as it is allowed based on the care label on the garment(s) you are washing.

We recommend tossing the entire canister, after removing label and cap, to ensure the full amount is delivered to the wash. If you don’t want to toss the canister  into the drum, we recommend pouring the entire contents into the drum instead of the drawer. Please remove the canister after washing before drying.

You can use Tide One Wash Miracle for any fabrics that you wash with regular detergent. Follow care label instructions. However, please avoid washing delicate clothes that require special handling including hand wash.

Tide One Wash Miracle is safe on virtually all garments under the intended use. Follow care label instructions.

Tide One Wash Miracle is safe on virtually all garments. Read and follow care label instructions. For any garments of concern, test inside seam for colorfastness. However, we recommend drying garments/towels as soon as washing is done. Keeping colored garments/ towels wet after wash occasionally cause dye color bleeding for some fabric dyes, regardless of Tide One Wash Miracle use.

Tide One Wash Miracle is only sold on its website here (www.tideonewashmiracle) and not anywhere else.

Tide One Wash Miracle can be used with any type of washing machine including front-load, top-load and HE machines. Simply remove the cap and label and toss the entire canister or pour the content directly in to the washer before adding your laundry.