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3 Reasons Why Your Workout Clothes Stink

When you workout, your clothes get a workout too. And with more workout clothes now being made with synthetic fibers and features, like “moisture tunnels”, smells are becoming more difficult to remove, or in some of the worst cases, nearly impossible to remove. So, we thought we’d get down to the science of it all and explain what causes those nasty sweat smells lingering in your expensive workout gear.


1. More Than Just Sweat

Did you know your body produces 1 liter of sweat every day? And if you workout, that amount could be higher. There are also other things, like salt, grease & sebum, bodily fluids and billions of skin cells that your body constantly leaves behind on fabrics. These are called body soils. Body soils, like other greasy soils, are sticky and bind to fabric fibers easily. This makes them one of the toughest types of soil to remove, even after putting them through the wash. And that stinky smell? It’s because it only takes a little amount of leftover body soils to break down and cause that terrible stink.

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2. Synthetic Fibers Can Make Bad Smells Worse


Many of today’s performance and workout clothes are often made with synthetic fibers and features, like “moisture tunnels.” While these things are great for pulling away sweat to keep you cool and dry, they also provide places for body soils to hide. We often call these odor traps.

Odor traps can hold sweat and body soils deep within fibers, which then breakdown and cause stink. The more this happens, the more your clothes begin to stink, even after they’ve been washed. We like to call this Permastink. And then there are odors you thought were gone, but then come back almost out of nowhere, which we like to call, Boomerang odors.

3. Sweat Builds A Wall Of Stink On Fabrics

Sweat, along with all the other soils your body leaves behind, often become trapped, despite washing. And for people who have a few pieces of favorite workout gear, buildup often occurs much faster as more body soils are left on clothes as they begin to sweat and perspire. This can lead to the Wall of Stink. Layers of body soils that buildup over time, which cause an almost-impenetrable amount of soils, skin cells and other things that are nearly impossible to remove in a normal wash. And although some detergents mask stinky smells with perfumes and scents, over time they fade, and you’re left with the same stinky smell you originally tried to remove.

Talk About Smelly Workout Clothes In 60 Seconds Or Less

Most high-performance workout clothes are made up of synthetic fibers, which act as magnets for greasy body soils. Some also have moisture-wicking technology or “moisture tunnels” that can trap sweat and body odors deep within the fabrics leading to bad smells that happen immediately as you begin to sweat and remain even after you wash.

So, there you have it, an in-depth explanation dwindled down into a short, 30-second one that you can explain to your gym family. And if you need a solution that doesn’t just mask odors, but eliminates them, introduce them to Tide One Wash Miracle. To learn more, click here.