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One Wash Miracle - Deep-Cleaning Laundry Solution


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NEW! Now Try Tide One Wash Miracle Free & Clear Dye-free, fragrance-free, worry-free. Without any compromises.

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Get a certainty of clean for your family's laundry with Tide One Wash Miracle. Eliminate stubborn odors and get a deeper clean for your laundry than regular washing.

Use One Wash Miracle in place of your regular detergent and let the dual-chamber formula handle the rest. Safe on virtually all fabrics that are machine washable, including:

  • Everyday Clothing
  • Musty Towels
  • Sweaty Athletic Wear
  • Washable Smelly Pet Items
  • Washable Smelly Sports Gear
  • Any Washable Smelly Clothing

Simply remove the cap, pour it in or drop in the canister, and start your laundry. The powerful liquid detergent and odor-eliminating agents combine at the time of the wash, maximizing the cleaning power and cleans fabrics without masking scents or perfumes. Tide One Wash Miracle is safe for front load, top load, and HE washing machines, and comes in a Tide Fresh Coral Blast scent (lightly scented).

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  1. Remove label and cap
  2. Toss entire canister into the washer or pour entire contents into the washer
  3. Add clothes
  4. Please recycle the empty canister after the wash

Continue using it to avoid the same odor issue from happening again!

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Tide One Wash Miracle is safe on virtually all fabrics that are washable. Please follow the instructions on the care label.