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One Wash Miracle - Powerful Deep-Cleaning Laundry Solution

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Get a certainty of clean for your family's laundry with Tide One Wash Miracle. Eliminate stubborn odors and get a deeper clean for your laundry than regular washing. Use One Wash Miracle in place of your regular detergent and let the dual-chamber formula handle the rest. Safe on virtually all fabrics that are machine washable, including:

  • Everyday Clothing
  • Musty Towels
  • Sweaty Athletic Wear
  • Washable Smelly Pet Items
  • Washable Smelly Sports Gear
  • Any Washable Smelly Clothing

Simply remove the cap, pour it in or drop in the canister, and start your laundry. The powerful liquid detergent and odor-eliminating agents combine at the time of the wash, maximizing the cleaning power and cleans fabrics without masking scents or perfumes. Tide One Wash Miracle is safe for front load, top load, and HE washing machines, and comes in a Tide Fresh Coral Blast scent (lightly scented).

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  • How To Use
  • Safe Fabrics
  • Video
  1. Remove label and cap
  2. Toss entire canister into the washer or pour entire contents into the washer
  3. Add clothes
  4. Please recycle the empty canister after the wash

Continue using it to avoid the same odor issue from happening again!

For additional information on One Wash Miracle, please check out our frequently asked questions here.

Tide One Wash Miracle is safe on virtually all fabrics that are washable. Please follow the instructions on the care label.

125 Reviews

  • 5
    Tide one

    Posted by Elle on Mar 1st 2020

    Nothing ever gets the smell out of my husband’s workout clothes. This product actually works! His clothing smells fresh and the workouts think it’s gone. Thank you Tide!

  • 5

    Posted by John Smiley on Feb 29th 2020

    Works as advertised

  • 3
    Tide miracle wash

    Posted by Nancy Rhodes on Feb 23rd 2020

    Was so excited to use this and put all my workout clothes in one load and when the cycle finished my clothes still smelled musty

  • 5
    Tide one wash

    Posted by Linda Williams on Feb 22nd 2020

    This stuff is absolutely amazing I had a set of sheets that had a musty odor that would not go away even when I had hung them outside and everything I ran him through one time with one of these tied one wash miracles and they smell fantastic!!

  • 5
    Tide Miracle Wash

    Posted by Daryl Coates on Feb 17th 2020

    Well worth the money. Works absolutely fantastic. Very happy with the end results.

  • 5

    Posted by Eric Cruz on Feb 14th 2020

    This was awesome! I will use this

  • 5
    Amazing product

    Posted by Kim Downs on Feb 14th 2020

    After several washes with many different products that said it removed odors I found Tide One Miracle. This product is truly a miracle and after one wash the sports gear smell amazingly fresh and like brand new. Thank you!!!

  • 5
    Dress Saved by Tide!

    Posted by Melanie Roth Lemanski on Feb 9th 2020

    I bought a “new” dress online that reeked of a musty, moldy smell. I dry clean it, and it still smelled. I figured since it was unwearable, I would try washing it with Tide Miracle Wash. Guess what? The horrible smell is gone and the dress is saved! Thanks Tide!!!!

  • 5
    Tide one wash miracle

    Posted by Lorri Simon on Feb 4th 2020

    I am stunned at how well this works. I have several very nice towels that I was going to throw out due to the musty smell that I could not eliminate. My towels now smell great, even after several washes. I am a believer.